The first MOBIKY bike, called GENIUS was launched in 2005 and knew a fast success worldwide, especially in Japan and in the United States: more than 10,000 units had been sold at this time.

Proud of the GENIUS sales success, the company refined its European sales network in 2006 and developed the MY16 model, which is somehow the “big brother” of the GENIUS and had the same qualities: a great handiness and an unequalled design.

In 2007, MOBIKY was rewarded with the Red Dot Award for its innovative and highly functional design.

A year later, in 2008, MOBIKY signed an industrial and sales agreement with the French MATRA MANUFACTURING & SERVICES (MMS)

In May, 2010, Pascal BAISNEE took over ownership of MOBIKY, recalled the company MOBIKY-TECH and decided to relocate the production line from China to France.

MOBIKY brand now takes advantage of a new marketing and sales strategies but also a new technical support.

Since the two original models of the brand (whose only the GENIUS was launched on the market), MOBIKY-TECH has declined its range in 7 different models, all made in France and endowed with a revolutionary folding system that has been patented worldwide.

All these elements make MOBIKY-TECH able to both compete with a global competition and be consistent with its own sustainable values.

Our corporate mission is to offer a valuable urban mobility and intermodality solution to individuals, public authorities and companies.

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